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English (Essay, Objective & Test of Orals) Waec 2017 Free Expo Answers



Oral English:

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English OBJ:


(i) They always go to play football
(ii) They go for swimming

(6b) They went to hunt for crabs which they sold for money

(6c) They were carried away by their activities

(i) He left behind all his catch
(ii) He was severely punished

(6e) His Mother either floges him or reprimand him

(i) Metaphor
(ii) He had caused trouble for which he would be punished

(6gi) Adverbial clause
(6gii) It modifies the verb screamed
(6hi)Deter – stop
(6hii)Preserve – conserve
(6hiii)Augment – supplement
(6hiv)Ventured – went
(6hv)Concerned – anxious

(i) Youths waste valuable time which they should have used to study
(ii) Social media corrupts their minds and makes them immoral
(iii) It makes them become criminals

(i) Parents should train their children well
(ii) Teachers should ensure that the children get the right skills and attitudes
(iii) The community should inculcate in the youth, their customs and values through role modelling


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The saying that everything that has a beginning definitely has an end is being exemplified here today 13th April,2017 as a man of dignity,industry and discipline draws the curtains on an illustrious career of teaching and imparting lives, one that culminates with his retirement as the Principal of this great citadel of learning, Community comprehensive high school,
Obbo Ile Ekiti, Kwara state.
Good day Mr Principal Sir,the honoured here today, our distinguished guests,fellow students,ladies and gentlemen.I consider the greatest honour of my life to deliver this emotional farewell speech commemorating this historic event, not only as the Senior Prefect of this school but one who has had the privilege to be under the disciplinary guidance of our principal and I’m than certain that the same applies to anyone who has come in contact with this man, a repository of wisdom.
It’s highly imperative for us all to sit back and reflect on the number of achievement this great man of service was able to record during his time in this school.It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that we won’t leave here today if we start to enumerate all but it’s highly important as well to point out to some of the mind-blowing ones.I’d like to start by making mention of how the principal in his wisdom was able to restructure the frailing Parents and Teachers Association(PTA) to what we now have it as, an association which has really been transformed into one whose tenets are based on harmony and love.This has done so much in ensuring the school has progressed astronomically during his time in office.
Also,I would like to refer to his achievement of the revamping of the school classrooms which sometimes had look rather dilapidated,I am sure most of our parents and teachers here, even students would agree with me here that the classes needed real and quick action for some of them to have been saved from the drowning effects of collapse-that would have been disastrous.He orchestrated the move, though with the help he sought from our willing parents and teachers who made their various donations and thus ensuring the progress and development of the school, well someone championed the cause and we are not unaware of who he is.Thank you Sir.
Furthermore,we must note that the primary objective of we all being sent to school is to learn and excel academically,for all of his works,the underperformance of students would have defeated the very essebce of coming to school . However it gladdens my heart and apparently every party involved, teachers,parents and students that the academic performance of our school both in internal and external examination is well enviable and reputed around the nation as the students of this school have shown in the results of the external exams done.This is as a result of the unending efforts of our teachers who have been under the very supervision of this great man.
Finally,I on behalf of all the teeming students of this school, our ever industrious teachers and loving parents thank you sir for all you have done to better us and even as you leave us, wish you a happy retirement and more years of greater heights.
Thank you for your audience,good day again.


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We are now in a situation in our nation Nigeria, that the price of every single is rising up, which is affecting the majority (The average and poor) of the masses in the country. Every single person in this nation is feeling the impact of the new
administration CHANGE, that majority of the masses voted for.
My write up is not to criticize the past or present administration which most people do, but to list out the major
PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS that can be of help to the present administration and
to the masses of the Nation.
I will first by, state the Major Problems faced in the nation and followed by the Solutions that can be applied to solve the problems facing our nation, which are as stated;
As we all know the economy of our nation is bad at the present moment, which we all pray for it to get better and we are the
only ones that can make it better by cooperating together, but have we ever considered knowing the reasons that our economy is bad? Many of us will say it’s due to Corruption, which i agree with it and also disagree with it a little; you
may want to ask why? It’s because we haven’t really checked the sources of the things that are leading to the crumbling down of our economy and we need to tackle them from their sources,
which are as follows;
1) VANDALIZATION OF OIL PIPE LINES: We can’t Judge what is happening in this region of our nation if we listen to one side of the coin without listening to the other side of the coin and that is
what most people do. The bombing of the oil pipe lines is one of the things affecting the economy of Nigeria because Nigeria depend mostly on a SINGLE STREAM OF INCOME and if the bombing of oil pipe lines continues to happens, it will keep affecting our economy as oil is our major source of income, which is also used for different things in the country.
GOVERNMENT TO PROVIDE THE SOLUTIONS TO YOUR PROBLEMS: Most of the citizens of Nigeria are mostly fond of complaining and blaming the Government of almost every single negative thing
that happens in their lives, which just shows signs of lack of thinking of that individual and not rising up against the challenges of his/her life instead of blaming the government always and
people around you for what is happening to you. The following are the solutions of which I think can be used to tackle the problems of the Nation.
I will start by making statement
”We can’t solve an issue by killing one another, because it only leaves the issue unsolved and our coming generation will inherit the issue and keep killing one another” The vandalization of oil pipe lines won’t resolve the issue neither the deployment of soldiers there will solve the issue; instead the government should know the main reasons while this group of
people are doing what they are doing. I heard the reason for vandalizing these oil pipe lines was because the people in that region where suffering from many things. Amnesty programme won’t solve the issue, instead the government should
teach these people how to catch fish not how to eat fish by providing them with basic social amenities that these people need, such as; Standard Education, Good Roads, Empowerment Training etc. because there are people there with
great ideas and potentials, who need education (knowledge) to develop these ideas into reality and peace will reign in that region and our economy will become strong again, since the nation depends majorly on Oil as its source of income
2) DIVERSIFICATION OF ECONOMY: A rich man doesn’t have one single stream of income he/she has up to or more than 7 streams of income. We can check the lives of the rich people in our
nation, they have numerous sources of income and that’s what the Government needs to start doing, instead of depending on one stream of income. Our government need to start thing big and wide like the way rich men do their businesses. We have natural resources all over
the country in abundance and great citizens with great ideas that the government and capable people can invest in these people with great ideas
and the resources we have, which will begin to develop Jobs for the people of the nation and also boast the economy.
NO 1.
they went to play football
they went to hunt fr crabs which they sold for money
they were carried away by their activities
6d)he left behind all his catch he was forced by his parent
his Mather either floges him or reprimand him
ii)he had caused trouble for which he would be punished
6hi)Adverbial clause
6hii)it modifies the verb screamed
6hi)Deter _prevent
6hii)Preserved _work
6hiii)Augment _ add to
6hiv)Ventured _ went
6hv)Concerned _ worried
i)they waste valuable time which they should have used to study
ii)it corrupts their minds and makes them immoral
iii)it makes them become criminals
i)parent should train their children well
ii)teachers should ensure that the children get the right skills and attitudes iii)the community should instill in the youth,their customs and values through role modelling

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