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Waraje’s role in the development of the plot of the play”The blood of a stranger”is significant and important.She is in love with Kindo and also a stranger in Mandoland too.She has lived there long enough to detest being called a stranger.She was not born in Mondoland,her mother was taken prisoner by one of the mando warriors.Her mother then ran away after given birth to her.
She cautions Kindo from anything that will anger the spirits and looks up to him like a good woman does not doubt him and never ask too any questions.
She is Kindo’s only woman that is sexually assaulted by whitehead.Maligu and Soko plotted her abduction into a sack and the take her to whitehead’s compound.She fortunately escapes.
Significantly,she plays the role of intense lover who despite all odds refuses to leave with her grandfather to their homeland but remains in mandoland inorder to be with Kindo.Kindo also could not take her to the palace because her mother is seen as a slave in a way.This posses a threat to their relationship.She respect the customary norms of her society and this is one of the reasons she resisted Kindo having her just anywhere and pushes to be taken to the palace.Her resilience is portrayed in Wara’s steadfastness in preventing Whitehead from raping her


Younger”s family is a close Knit family owing to the various relationship that existed among the children and the mother the head of the household.
Mama is walter’s and Beneatha’s mother and demands respect and love between them with greater pride in pursuing their dreams and goals.She wants to go extra mile to ensure her famiy have the best in the entire world.Walter is the only son of Mama and a delligerent brother.He is sometimes called”Brother”-very passionate,ambitious and hardworking.He is friendly to his sister,hugs his mother and even takes his wife out on a date where they get super frisky and hold hands.The walter known in this context is a loveable friendly and a family man.
Beneatha the only daughter of mama,though has a conflicting relationship at times with Mama because of their many differences but it is not a strained relationship.For instance after her mother slaps her for blasphemy.Beneatha later hugs and thanks her mother for understanding her dismissal of George.She clearly loves her mother even if they do not always agree.
Both brother and sister also loves each other and looks out for each other.For instance Beneatha stops Mama from beating Walter on the head after he gambles away with their money.


The little “Ambush” in the poem written by Gbemisola Adeoti beams light on the theme of frustrated dreams.The poem is started with significant metaphors to portray this as theme as predatory animals are used as imagery to show the despair in th dreams of the people in the nation.
The first stanza uses a giant whale to portray the disappointment and aborted dreams that the people experience in a nation.The giant whale is said to”swalow”,”the sinker,with hook line and bait” leaving the fishers (people)with no hope of good catch,thereby fraustrating their dreams.
The second stanza uses”sabre-too thed tiger” as a metaphorical expression to signify the fear to achieve a dream or venture into new possibilities of a fulfilled dreams. The third stanza uses “giant hawk”to show the unceasing disaster thats wait patiently for the people.
In conclusion therefore,”ambush”is a poem that ast aspersion on the honesty of a nation in fulfilling the dreams and hopes which has been frustrated in the past years.The hope of an ambush will eventually open the door of possibilities.

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